Complete Filter Service  Special   $150
Most complete filter service Includes
All filters (Not including membranes)
Full system check which includes testing  water quality
Testing and repairing any small leaks.
Sanitizing your system is an additional $25 We suggest a full sanitization every other filter service.
Drinking Water Los Angeles services most types of Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Whether you purchased your system from us or not. We carry the highest quality filters, membranes and parts available. We replace all cartridges, filters, membranes and worn tubing, hoses, clamps or parts.

Maintaining your Reverse Osmosis System is very important.

Annual filter changes are necessary to keep your system working properly! Most water filter manufacturers suggest the pre and post filters be changed every 6 months, but many Los Angeles residents will find their filters will last closer to a year. Service schedules will vary from city to city and from street to street depending on the age of the building, condition of the pipes, quality of the inbound water and how much the system is used.

We carry most filters, if we don’t have your filters, we can get them quickly.
Call us if your having any problem with your system. If you notice a leak, it’s not  making enough water or your water tastes different… We can help!
Call or Email us if you purchased a system elsewhere and are having problems installing it. Our trained service technicians are standing by ready for your call! 818-212-0325

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